Here’s a list of every BrixxyShop-instruction. Click „Download PDF“ to open the instructions or click „YouTube-video“ to view the instructions as a hands-on „Tutorial“-video (videos only exist in German for now).

We are working on providing PDF instructions for all our models, but especially the bigger ones are harder to fulfill and will take some time until ready to release. The videos are self-explanatory, even for non-german speakers!

stap – Droid-Speeder (blue, brown) (Download PDF or watch the YouTube-video)

carrier – Droid Carrier (Download PDF or watch the YouTube-video)

75312 – Bounty Hunter Starship (Download PDF)

75333 – ObWaKen‘s Starfighter (Download PDF)

75337 (1-4) – TE-AT-Walker (Crab-Droid, Canon, Legs, Imperial) (Download PDF)

75344 – Bounty Hunter Starship MF (Download PDF)

75354 (1-2) – CorGuaGun (Doors, Wings) (Watch the YouTube-video)

75362 – 6-T Shuttle (Watch the YouTube-video)

75367 (1-3) – USC Attack Cruiser (bridge, smooth front, turning turrets) (Watch the YouTube-video)